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Music for All Occasions

We're a rock musical quartet that provides 

music for all occasions.

  •  We're a team of experienced musicians that perform in various configurations to provide the music client with the music they want at a competitive price.
  • We understand that our primary function at any event is to help everyone have a great time and enjoy your event.
  • We can provide soft, background music or "let's party" dance songs.
  • We have extensive song lists for a single performer, a duo, a trio, and/or a full rock band.
  • All members of the team sing, enabling a strong vocal performance - some songs have 4 part harmonies.
  • Each of the SpinOff team members sits in with other groups and individuals, providing a wide range of experiences and musical ideas to apply to your event. 

The SpinOffs Band Services

We primarily accept club and pub engagements, but we also love to entertain at special events, like wedding receptions, corporate events, and municipal celebrations. 

We are extremely flexible and work closely with event coordinators and venue managers to help them maximize their Client's experience.

Additionally, we work with the Client to ensure that any special music or presentation desired can be produced and integrated seamlessly into the performance.

Whether you are looking for a single performer for a party or a rock band for a big event (and everything in between), The SpinOffs Band has the ideal performance solution for you.

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